April 18, 2022

Choosing the Right Moisturizer for your Face

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Moisturizer for your Face

Our team of renowned dermatologists have developed a range of moisturizers to suit all skin types.


1. Prevent Dryness

Moisturizing the skin on a daily basis can counteract the effects of whether it’s the cold or hot weather, the frosty air or blazing heat, the hot showers you love or the frequent washing – these environmental factors can dry your skin and cause problems.

2. Youthful Skin

Moisturizing the face daily is the most fundamental protection against premature aging of the skin and to combat the photo-aging process.

3. Soothe sensitive skin

When your sensitive skin becomes dry or oily it will develop eczema, flakes, or breakouts a lot more easily. This is why it’s important to find a good moisturizer that’ll keep it in balance, hydrated but without making it greasy.

4. Protection against UV rays

A good moisturizer can repair and protect the skin preventing damage from UV rays and other damaging-forces from the environment.

5. Healthy and Vibrant Appearance

Moisturizing daily can offer relief to many physiological processes resulting in symptoms such as saggy, wrinkled and colorless complexions. Moisturizing will improve the overall texture and look of the skin resulting in a healthy and vibrant appearance.

6. Fast Cell Turnover

Another benefit associated with moisturizers is improved cell function and speeded cell turnover.

Our skin constantly produces new skin cells deep within the dermis and replaces old, worn-out, and ill-functioning cells. As we age, this regeneration-process slows down, and the imperfections of our skin become more permanent. Using the right moisturizer will feed the skin so it can maintain its health and youth.

Why Is Moisturizing Important?

What Happens If You Don’t Moisturize?

How Do I Properly Moisturize?


Moisturizing is a step that many people leave out of their skincare routine, because they see it as an optional step. But this couldn’t be farther from the case.

Making sure your skin cells are well hydrated will help with prevent breakouts and ensure beautiful skin in the future. Since moisturizers are meant to be soaked into the skin and not washed off, it’s one of the easiest steps in a skincare regime.

Our facial moisturizers contain vitamins and other beneficial ingredients, which is an added bonus for your skin. Using a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy is important for your skin care routine.