April 18, 2022

Why has my skin lost it’s glow?

How to put your best face forward by reviewing your lifestyle

Lack of sleep

Plenty sleep allows your body to rest and renew, and your skin is no exception, as it has been found to help regenerate new cells. A lack of sleep can result in tired skin and dark circles under the eyes, leaving your skin looking dull. So get plenty beauty sleep!

Poor Diet

Everything in moderation as you don’t have to completely cut out any foods to help your skin look flawless, however, it’s all about making sure you eat foods from a variety of different groups, as this will help you hit your quota for nutrients that help your skin stay healthy.

These are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc to name a few. All can be found in a healthy balanced diet that includes your fruit and vegetables (at least five a day), wholegrain starchy foods milk and dairy foods, protein and cutting down on saturated fats and sugar. Also remember to drink plenty water to run alongside your balanced diet.

Lack of exercise

Whatever is your choose of exercise, exercising regularly will help to get your heart pumping and increase blood flow around your body. Therefore, your skin will have more of a healthy and natural glow.


This can make your skin lose its elasticity and age your skin beyond your years. Smoking also limits blood flow and means your skin loses out on oxygen and vital nutrients, such as vitamin C.

Too much alcohol

Too much alcohol can make your body dehydrated, which means your skin is more likely to develop wrinkles and look tired. Have a look at what you are drinking and try to cut it down by alternating with water and non-alcoholic drinks helping to keep you hydrated


Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the quickest fixes for healthy skin, so try to drink the recommended amount fluid per day. Where possible you should try and drink water, but if you find that is a struggle you can supplement your intake with low-fat milk, fruit juice, smoothies, sugar free drinks and hot drinks such as tea and coffee

Remember though that smoothies and fruit juice are a source of free sugars and should be drank in moderation

So take time out and analyze how you live your life if you want to have healthy skin with a glow. 

Taking on board these lifestyle changes along with a skin care routine will ensure your skin retains its sparkle – Click here for our skincare routines